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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Giant Alice upsets the jury

Giant Alice upsets the jury

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This magical collection of prints from the classic children's novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland will delight the imaginations of young and old alike.

The 1865 novel by English author Lewis Carroll tells of a young girl named Alice, who falls through a rabbit hole into a subterranean fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures. It has been illustrated numerous times since its first publication and our collection includes prints from Sir John Tenniel (1865), Arthur Rackham (1907) and W. H. Walker (also in 1907), all of which beautifully depict Carroll’s menacing dream world using themes of whimsical menace and cataclysm. 


Sir John Tenniel (1820 – 1914) was an English illustrator, graphic humorist and political cartoonist prominent in the second half of the 19th century. He was knighted for artistic achievements in 1893. Tenniel is remembered mainly as the principal political cartoonist for Punch magazine for over 50 years and for his illustrations to Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871).

Lewis Carroll originally illustrated Wonderland himself, but his artistic abilities were limited. Engraver Orlando Jewitt, who had worked for Carroll in 1859 and reviewed Carroll's drawings for Wonderland, suggested that he employ a professional. Carroll was a regular reader of Punch and therefore familiar with Tenniel, who in 1865 had long talks with Carroll before illustrating the first edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Famously, the first print run was sold in the United States, rather than England, because Tenniel objected to the print quality. A new edition was released in December 1865, carrying an 1866 date, and it became an instant best-seller.


The print is framed by hand in Cambridgeshire in the UK, using only European sourced PEFC™ and FSC approved woods. Frames are Fine Art Trade Guild accredited which means they meet strict conservation standards and are built to last for generations to come.

We use Clarity+ glazing which is a high-quality acrylic glass alternative, offering high UV resistance which doesn't yellow over time, is not easily scratched and is safe for use in children's bedrooms.

Your framed print will arrive with D-rings and cord already attached, ready to hang right out of the box.


Including the frame, with mount, the framed print is 34cm wide and 38cm high.

The print itself is 24cm wide and 28cm high.

All dimensions are approximate.

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